“Midnight in Paris” in Paris


The past weekend was my last full one on this trip to Paris.  The vacation ends Sunday when I’m off to Morocco to start my Arabic studies.  To say my final farewell to the city, this weekend was about experiencing it in different ways: by boat, by bike, and — at the movies.

“Midnight in Paris” is a fine film indeed. Watching it in Paris is even better. The audience broke out in several “aww”s during the opening scene,  which flashed pictures of the city–both the iconic monuments and your everyday, quaint boulangerie. We rush pass these all the time, but forget how lucky we are to be here. The picture that drew the biggest “aww” (and a few chuckles) was one of the very movie theater we were in!!!

Unfortunately, my feeling of elation walking out of the theater and into the city center was dampened somewhat when the first scene we came across was all too common here, but not captured in the movie: a guy, fly unzipped, taking a whizz in the corner. Nor did the movie capture any of the city’s thousands and thousands of panhandlers. And I suppose it was impossible for it to capture the smells.

But then again, how can I possibly complain? The next eve I sailed down the Seine on a disco boat cruise. And the day after that, I took a leisurely bike ride through the Bois de Boulogne and along the streets of the 15th and 16th. What can I say? Paris, je t’aime.

(On a side note, I used a Paris “velib” rental bike, the kind you see at parking stations dotted throughout the city – They even made the movie. I recommend them 🙂 See http://en.velib.paris.fr/ for more info.)

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