Rainy Days


This week was the routine: School, teaching at the orphanage, and recovering from last weekend in Paris. It was funny in Paris to see the giant Morocco travel adds at every metro stop, with catchphrases like, “dicover yourself in Morocco!” Man, I wish I got a picture.

Lesson planning for the orphanage has been taking more time than I thought. I have about 12 students, all boys between 16 and 18 years old. They know just a bit of Enlgish from movies, TV, and the occasional past volunteers at the orphange, though I don’t know if they’ve had before regular volunteers like me that are going to come twice a week for several months. But because of those other volunteers, some of the older students have had a bit more English than the younger ones, which also makes it challenging to try to teach to some who are pretty much absolute beginners and others who can at least introduce themselves and know a lot of basic words, especially types of food and sports. They can all read and write the Latin alphabet, because they have already learned very basic French, but some read with much more ease than others. I don’t have any books to work from and the chalkboard in the classroom I’m supposed to use doesn’t even work. That means I have to teach many words orally and then prepare a lot of worksheets so they can see how the words are written and practice reading and writing. Here’s an example:

Letter from John

Dear …….

My name is John. I am 18 years old. I am from the United States of
America. I live in the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland. I am a
student in high school where I study math*, reading**, writing***, science^,
history^^, and Spanish.^^^ My favorite subject is history. I like to play
sports. My favorite sport is basketball. And you?



كتابة ***          **  قراءة        * الرياضيات
^^^ اللغة الإسبانية        ^^ تاريخ             ^ علم

Letter to John

Dear John,

Nice to meet you. My name is….

Took this pic while waiting for the tram to the orphanage. Guess they weren't prepared for the rain.

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