¡Tanja Latino!


On a Saturday night a few weeks ago, I attended a Latin festival in Tangier, in the Northern tip of Morocco, where Spanish mostly replaces French as the second language of choice. The festival, “Tanja Latino” took place in a beautiful Italian palace. On the ground floor, there were tango and salsa lessons, and on the top, there was live music and partying.

The demographics of the festival were interesting: There was a wide range of ages, from tweens to their grandparents. I didn’t see any other Americans or any real Latinos other than some of the performers. In attendance were mostly French and some Spanish-speaking expats or visitors, as well as many Moroccans of the secular elite. I describe the Moroccans as such since the entrance fee was rather steep, and there was alcohol being served. And I was surprised by how many people could really dance… Apparently, salsa is very much an “in-thing” amongst certain segments of the Moroccan population. Anyways, I had fun.

Tanja Latino

Live music and partying at Tanja Latino

At Tanja Latino, a colorful group from the South of France performs a drumb routine, influenced by African and Brazilian beats

Overlooking Tangier, morning after the festival

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