Touring Technopolis


A couple weeks ago I participated in a school trip to Technopolis, just outside of Rabat. Opened in 2005 and sprawling across 300 hectares, it’s an initiative that aims to bring high-tech investment to Morocco and reverse the brain drain of high-skilled workers. Technopolis specializes in a variety of fields, including services, off-shoring, cars and planes, communications technology, and high-tech gadgets. And there are also academic research and training facilities, focusing on the applied more so than the theoretic. Technopolis currently employs more than 5,000, mostly Moroccoans, though it’s goal is to reach 30,000 employees by 2016. Companies like Amazon and France Telecom are attracted to invest in Technopolis because of its promise of low taxes for several years.  There are a few other such techno-parks in Morocco, though they specialize only in off-shoring.


Inside Technopolis, looking out

Touring Technopolis

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