Réunions aux Clubs Rotaract de Rabat


Les dernières semaines, j’ai assisté à deux géniales réunions de Clubs Rotaract à Rabat (Rabat Chellah et Rabat Agdal ILCS), et j’ai appris de leurs projets divers pour aider les enfants pauvres ou à besoins spéciaux / handicapés,  améliorer l’environnement, et contribuer au développement de la société.

Moi avec une partie de la groupe Rotaract Rabat Chellah

À Rotaract Rabat Chellah: En recevant le drapeau du club

Avec les filles de Rotaract Rabat Chellah

Visit to Rotaract Rabat Agdal at The Instiutte for Leadership and Communication Studies (ILCS). Here the meeting was actually in English. On the far right is an American instructor at the university who supervises the group. To my left is the Club President, Soukayna, an MA student at the ILCS.

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  1. Hi there

    My name is Lee Bergman from Wynberg Rotaract, in Cape Town South Africa. It would be really great to be able to connect with the Rotaract Club there. Please let me know who to contact etc.

    Yours in Service

    Rtc Lee Bergman

    • Hi Lee. So Sorry for the delayed response. Do you still need contact details? I will email you at the address you registered with your comment. You may also be able to find the clubs on facebook.

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