Homecoming… And Leaving Again


It feels a little strange to be writing about my return to the States once I have already made it overseas again – this time to France for my MA. That’s my own fault for not updating my blog in the two months since I left Morocco. I think I was too busy relaxing with my family. Anyways, this blog is about my Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship in Morocco, so what’s the point of this entry? Well, my scholarship didn’t end when I left the country. Part of my obligations were to share my experiences with people back home, including through giving presenations at Rotary Clubs. This summer, I spoke to three (Northbrook, Gleview, and Glenview Sunrise).

I will admit that there were a range of reactions from friends and family to my experience in Morocco, from, “Why on earth did you go there?”… to “That’s awesome, tell me all about it!” In my presentations to Rotary Clubs, I tried to satiate both the skeptics and the enthusiasts by packing as much relevant information as possible into 20 minutes, in order to leave plenty of time for questions and answers. I was impressed by the quality and breadth of questions from Rotarians, even though it was to be expected. They were interested in my daily activities, the history and culture of Morocco, the Rotary Clubs there, the impact of the “Arab Spring” on my experience, how Moroccans reacted to me being American, and my community service work.

Through these presentations I was also able to convey my deepest gratitude to Rotary for this wonderful scholarship opportunity, as well to express my hope that I served the organization well by furthering its goals of enhancing international understanding and putting sevice before self.

Speaking to the Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise

Speaking to the Rotary Club of Northbrook

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  1. I like your posts very much! I was recently on vacation from Peace Corps service and spoke to Dunmore, the Abingtons, and Hawley (home club) about my experience so far in Morocco. I am so happy to have read your in depth analysis on Morocco and the reactions of people who wondered about your experience.

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